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Debbie McLaughlin –

Garrison Mill Elementary PTA President

"You have helped us out tremendously! It has been a pleasure to work with you. It is a fun event! I have gotten so many

compliments about how fun today was and you were a major part of that! You have worked hard! Thank you for all your

support! We could not do this without you!"

Lori Newton –

Vaughan Elementary PTA President

Our fundraisers were successful because Brian did a remarkable job making sure we had addressed all of the details of our Rocket

Blast fundraiser – from envelopes, posters and letters to parents, to t-shirt orders, obstacles set up and incentives. Brian provided

the energy and their Rocket Blast kick-off pep-rallies and on Rocket Blast day. I strongly recommend Brian Adams

to any PTSA Executive Committee looking to do an in-house fundraiser. He is professional, thorough, energetic, affordable and more

than worth it.

Fundraising is a vital part to any school’s PTA, Foundation or General Fund. Partner with Mr. B-Rock and raise the funds your school needs.

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